You’ve probably heard lots of ideas for helping the environment that are all about you and how you live. They’re things like recycling more, getting on your bike instead of in the car, and growing your own fruit and veges. All these things are great, but did you know you don’t have to go it alone? When every family member is involved (whatever your family looks like!), everyone can take the lead in a different way and ideas are turned into actions that can help make a huge difference.

Zero waste

For starters, how about taking a look at your family’s lifestyle day to day and figure out how everyone could create a bit less waste? Maybe the kids and adults alike can take their lunches in re-useable containers or recyclable bags. Try setting up easy to use bins so that rubbish and different types of recycling can be stored separately for when the collection happens each week. An indoor compost kit is also a cool way to help lower the family’s food waste. Grab some canvas or jute bags for supermarket or farmers’ market trips, and have a go at buying food and household products in bulk to cut down on plastic packaging. And if the kids want all the latest toys, try borrowing or setting up a collective with the neighbours – or teach them some craft activities for play time instead.


If you’re taking a road trip or jumping on a plane with the family, have you thought about an escape that’s a bit more eco? Do a bit of homework on the accommodation and see how green the place is – some have eco accreditations and help look after the community or environment around them in some way. Mix things up with a few short trips that don’t cost as much and will help you save on fuel and emissions, and if you’re going further, try mapping out the most efficient route you can. And eco retreats definitely aren’t boring – many of them have different exercise options, great food and exciting ways to get out in nature. It’s often when we find a more natural holiday spot, like a stunning beach or bush area that the whole family grows to love, that we appreciate the surroundings and the need to protect them for future generations.

Family traditions

Annual or more regular traditions often make the best memories of when we were kids. And these traditions can help create a better world because behind them there’s commitment, habit, repetition and a bit of fun! One idea is a family cleanup day at your closest reserve or beach, or a day when you save water and power by not using as many gadgets and appliances at home. You can build these kinds of things around annual days like Earth Day. Or on World Kindness Day or Random Acts of Kindness Day each year, your family could help a neighbour or make a donation of money or time to a charity.

Kids in charge

Let’s face it, adults can get a bit set in their ways. But kids can get lots of ideas from school or by trying new things in a club or community group. If you have kids, it’s great to encourage them to put inspiring ideas into practice at home and get everyone on board. Schools often have great programmes for healthier nutrition and lifestyle, and teach kids how to plant their own little garden. Some schools or clubs help kids to be eco warriors and earn badges for conservation activities. The ideas they learn can then be taken home for the whole family to try.

Green thumbs

A home garden can give the whole family a boost with healthier food close at hand, especially if the produce is grown organically. Kids will probably enjoy helping set up a garden and planting different crops, especially if it’s a food they like. Plus it gets them outdoors for fresh air and sunshine in summer and lets them know how important healthy food is.